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Chapter 39  Nottinghamshire

There were no elections this year in Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling, Mansfield, Newark and Sherwood, and Rushcliffe, which hold whole council elections and whose next elections will be in 2007.

39.1  Bassetlaw

One-third of council up for election. No elections this year in Blyth, East Markham, Everton, Langold, Misterton, Rampton, Ranskill, Sturton or Welbeck.


Kenneth Bullivant  C  610
Joan Sanger  Lab  294


Valerie Bowles  C  1,039
William Walters  Lab  1,027


Kathleen Sutton  C  702
Gillian Freeman  Lab  159

East Retford East

Michael Quigley  C  1,346
Pamela Skelding  Lab  646
Lawrence Hudson  LD  437

East Retford North

Anthony Tromans  C  1,084
James Napier  Lab  1,006

East Retford South

Lionel Skelding  Lab  746
Andrew Dibb  C  575

East Retford West

Perry Offer  C  575
James Anderson  Lab  399
Tegfryn Davies  LD  276


Sharon Randall  Ind  1,137
Keith Muskett  Lab  993


Elizabeth Yates  C  572
Geoffrey Chapman  LD  190

Tuxford and Trent

Michael Jenkins  C  675
Albert Hunt  Lab  407
Peter Lock  LD  362

Worksop East

Geoffrey Coe  Ind  1,204
James Elliott  Lab  988

Worksop North

Allan Makeman  Lab  1,283
Christopher Wanless  C  1,105

Worksop North East

William Graham  C  1,156
David Walsh  Lab  1,153

Worksop North West

Ivor Jones  Ind  1,166
Glynn Gilfoyle  Lab  849

Worksop South

Michael Bennett  C  1,628
Roger Dyas-Elliott  Lab  697

Worksop South East

John Shephard  Lab  1,281
Carole Mangham  C  502

Consolidated Results — Bassetlaw

Labour           11,928  42.2%   3 councillors
Conservative     11,569  40.9%  10 councillors
Independents      3,507  12.4%   3 councillors
Liberal Democrat  1,265   4.5%

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