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Local Elections Archive Project (LEAP)

Welcome to the Local Elections Archive Project. This site exists to provide an archive for local election results in Great Britain.

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Worthing 2016

Updated 23 January 2017
C 11 UKIP 1 LD 1

Map of Worthing election results 2016

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East Dorset 2007

A random result set from the LEAP archives.
C 25 LD 11

Map of East Dorset election results 2007


(21 April 2014): Jeevan Jones has kindly contributed spreadsheets of Met and various other results for 2012 and Shropshire 2013. Thank you, Jeevan!
(21 November 2013): All 2010 results are now complete.
(29 March 2013): All results for South London are now up-to-date.
(26 January 2013): All results for Essex and Lancashire are now up-to-date.
(27 September 2012): All results for Hampshire are now up-to-date.
(27 July 2012): All results for North London are now up-to-date.
(15 July 2012): Paul Harwood has kindly contributed spreadsheets of London, Met and Unitary results for 2010, 2011 and 2012. Thank you, Paul!
(19 May 2012): All 2012 results are now complete. These are just PDF printoffs of council webpages for now, the database will be updated at a later date.
(25 January 2012): All 2008 results are now complete.


The work of Andrew Teale, in particular, was so good we used it as the base data and built on top.
- Democracy Club

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks and praise for your Local Elections archive. I have been producing the election night programmes for BBC WM, the local radio station in the West Midlands, for the last two or three years and I've been getting stuck into the number-crunching preparation for this year's elections over the last few weeks. It would have been a considerably harder and more time-consuming job to get all the information together without your website, so I really must say thanks for the tremendous amount of work you have obviously put in.
- Mike Taylor, BBC WM

My contribution has been trivial of course, but its gratifying to be acknowledged and to feel I've been of some help in what is surely one of the best UK election resources on the internet.
- Pete Whitehead

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